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Free Download AVG PC Tuneup 2016 v17 Serial Key

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AVG PC Tuneup 2016 v16.13.1.47453 Keys

AVG PC Tuneup 2016 – a powerful application to optimize and configure the computer. AVG PC Tuneup includes a set of more than 18 utilities that can clean up, speed up and eliminate many of the problems around. This is the best way to clean the registry and disk, as well as optimization of the various programs.
New improved TuneUp Utilities keeps your computer like new. Range includes 30 tools offer faster, less crash and battery life. New features like Live Optimization and Program Deactivator keep your PC speed. Live Optimization works quietly in the background, always giving priority to all applications that are running to increase loading speed and performance. Program Deactivator deactivates user programs that never stop draining speed processor power without uninstalling them.
TuneUp Utilities initial setup is simpler. There is really no room for error, since the one-click optimization is the first option you see, giving a clear impression that the PC TuneUp is free of problems.

  • Turbo mode: With a single click over 70 turns off unnecessary processes, releasing power for faster browsing, games and videos.
  • Boot loader: Identifies and rates all startup programs, so you can tell at a glance which are essential and which are just compromising performance.
  • Startup Optimizer: Jump start your PC by identifying and recommending programs and to turn off unnecessary services are started.
  • Program Deactivator: programs you never use to stop them draining processor speed without uninstalling them disabled.
  • Drive Defrag. Rearranges files on your hard disk to reduce boot times.
  • Disable unnecessary features to release more energy
  • Stop unused programs drain PC Power
  • Scans for programs slowing PC startup and shutdown
  • It helps to cure slow start
  • Identifies unused programs and uninstall
  • Speeds access to your hard drive
  • Free up space for more applications,
  • photos, and music you like
  • Search your hard drive for duplicate files even if they have different filenames and advises that you can safely delete.
  • Analyzes internal and external hard drives, located 100 larger files that are taking up disk space and lets you delete them.
  • Clean junk hidden in the Windows and Windows 8 Store and 8.1 Applications, freeing disk space and help set error Improved application.
  • Clean old or broken data from your browser and help stop the browser crashes. It works with over 25 of the most popular browsers, Like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Opera ™ ™.
  • It helps to disable Windows features that feed unused disk space
  • Significantly prolongs battery life by reducing processor power consumption, disconnect backround unnecessary processes and reduce the power consumed by internal and external devices
  • Save more battery and meets the standards for aviation security by turning off WiFi and Bluetooth with a single click
  • De-clutter and clean your registry to fewer system failures
  • Reorganize your registry to eliminate the problems of database
  • Finds and fixes hard drive problems
  • De-clutter your desktop by deleting shortcuts ‘dead’
  • Automatically performs routine maintenance
  • Clean your PC quietly in the background
  • Constantly prioritizes all processes for optimal performance
  • And many more….
AVG PC Tuneup 2016 v16.13.1.47453 Keys

AVG PC TuneUp 64Bit | Mirror

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